• Meet the Village by CA's startups delegation 2020

    Village by CA set up for the fifth year its booth in the heart of the Eureka Park

    with 15 startups

    Booth 50653 - to see its position click here

    1 Kosmos Smart Helmet (Village by CA Paris)

    Kosmos Smart Helmet (KSH) developed a connected motorcycle helmet with a mobile application , to reduce accidents and save lives. Equipped with fall sensors, brake spot light for more visibility, a voice assistance connected to the driver's smartphone. You can receive all informations about the traffic and adapt your own behaviour. Its technology improves the safety of motorcycles for a safer urban mobility.


    2 Cosmian (Village by CA Paris)

    Based on deep tech encryption technologies, Cosmian is the first decentralized platform to secure confidential data sharing across multiple entities without ever revealing the underlying data. From data science modeling or data-lake privacy-preserving access to cyber attacks & fraud detection, you can now engage in collaborative calculations with zero compromise on security and confidentiality.


    3 Easiliot (Village by CA Paris)

    Easiliot developped a solution to create easily and quickly your own IoT solutions, without electronic and programmation skills. Easiliot includes sensors, network, iot plateform and application, it allows to implement all your connected devices projects regardless of the market.


    4 Eistia by Eisox (Village by CA Angers)

    Eisox developed a thermostatic radiator valve in order to improve room by room temperature regulation depending on user behaviour. It saves up to 77% on the heating bill. Our solution combines hardware and software. This easy-to-use plateform uses machine learning algorithms in order to improve energy savings and life quality.


    5 Fingertips (Village by CA Nevers)

    Fingertips provides an entire ecosystem to enhance the quality of life of the elderly or people with disabilities.


    6 Permis de sauver (Village by CA Centre Est)

    SafetyGo is an emergency mobile app that empowers first responder citizens into the conventional rescue chain. It reduces the time necessary to on-site first aid assistance by leveraging embedded mobile phone technologies. SafetyGo provides crowd-source mapping of defibrillators as well as real time mass notification system and text/voice/image communications.


    7 Heyliot (Village by CA Ille-et-Vilaine)

    Heyliot puts the IOT at the service of waste and recyclable waste by offering an efficient laser filling level sensor. With relevant information, Heyliot helps companies and communities to monitor their fleet of containers to allow them to optimize and better manage it.


    8 Dilepix (Village by CA Ille-et-Vilaine)

    Dilepix is a software agtech company specialized in high precision agriculture, based on computer vision and deep learning. It provides farmer organisations, insurance companies and manufacturers of agricultural equipment with software that automates the monitoring of the crops and livestock (detecting and acting on insect pests, weeds, diseases…).


    9 KypSafe (Village by CA Nord-de-France)

    Every-year, thousands of people have accidents and die on worksites. Kypsafe build virtuel safety barriers or bubbles around dangerous (vehicles, electric, explosive risks…) with connected objets. Thanks to smart tags, workers are located and warned (ringing alarm) when danger is close, so they can remain safe at all time.


    10 Plume (Village by CA Paris)

    Plume delivers consumables autonomously using drones. The referred areas of activity are related to the private sector including golfs, amusement parks, festivals, or stadiums.


    11 Ideta (Village by CA Paris)

    Ideta is the most complete toolbox which allows you to easily create your own chatbots, voicebots, callbots on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Web site, SMS, Slack, Wechat, Teams... but also vocal, like Google Home. Build faster and better chatbots without coding.


    12 Edgar (Village by CA Brie Picardie)

    Edgar developped an intelligent and tailor-made hotel concierge assistant to improve customer service and manage its e-reputation.


    13 Aeklys by Starck (Village by CA Paris)

    ICARE Technologies presents AEKLYS BY STARCK. A true jewel of contactless, secure, autonomous and miniaturized technologies, made in France.


    14 Asmodine (Village by CA Nord-de-France)

    Asmodine is the first virtual and omnichannel sales assistant. It is boosted by AI and it specializes in image consulting. Its goal: making clothes shopping more efficient and reduce returns.


    15 Moovency (Village by CA Ille-et-Vilaine)

    Moovency developped a simple and fast ergonomic tool accessible with only a video camera dedicated to health at work. No more complex systems and time consuming processes. With their tool KIMEA, you can do an accurate and objective analysis of the health of your employees. KIMEA will sustainably reduce musculoskeletal disorders in your company.

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